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Here is an unofficial fan blog of Wakaba Higuchi who is a Japanese female Figure Skater.
How to send fan-letters and gifts to #WakabaHiguchi 【March 12.2019】


Hello, figure skating fans all over the world!!


As we got a lot of questions on this subject,
We introtuce to how to send fan letters and fan gifts to Wakaba.

Please acknowledge that the content of this article is information at the time of writing.
We will update if there is a change, but time has wings.


1.First of all


If you can read Japanese,
There is no need to read this article.
Please check "Q4" at the bottom of the following URL.
All necessary information is written here.


公益財団法人 日本スケート連盟「よくあるご質問/FAQ」



2. About contents



Wakaba can understand English to some extent.
(Of course, she can talk as well)
Also, her team has staff who can understand English and French.

If you would like Wakaba to read the letter directly, please use Japanese or English.
And an advice for writing letters to her,
You should avoid using cursive writing.
Cursive writing is not used much in English education in Japan.

For Wakaba, written in Block letters are easier to read than cursive letters.

Of course she is Japanese, so letters written in Japanese will feel very happy.



Regarding items that are permitted to be sent to Japanese skaters,
Japan Skating Federation (hereinafter referred to as JSF) is defined as follows.


Prohibited items
· Foods (for safety protection)
· Animals and plants (bouquets, potted plants, dried flowers, etc. are all prohibited)

  ※This prohibition is based on Japanese law.
· Precious metals and jewelry
· Cash
· Cards and checks that can be exchanged for money or Items


In other words,

If you comply with Japanese law and your common sense and conscience,

There is no problem.
(About flower bouquets, let's throw directly at the competition to the ice rink!!)



Wakaba 's family and staff check all sending obujects.
This is for her safety protection.



3. About sending address


After all the deliveries are collected in JSF,
They are sorted by federation staff and sent to each skater.

The address of JSF is as follows.


Kishi memorial Hall, Japan Skating Federation
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0041, Japan


※ZIP is possible even "150-8050".
But since this is JSF dedicated zip code,
If you send your gifts and letters in a way that is not by postal,
(Eg FedEx, DHL etc ...)
Items may be lost at the pick up and delivery station.


And most importantly,
Write clearly

 "To Wakaba Higuchi".

JSF staffs are sorting day-to-day large amounts of products.
In order to prevent misdelivery,
Please write clearly large that it is addressed to "Wakaba Higuchi".
If possible, it is better to write  "樋口新葉" together.

We recommend writing the name of Wakaba clearly,

Not only in the sending slip but also in the packaging.



4. About Wakaba


Wakaba values the letters and gifts it receives from the fans very much.
(Sometimes she posts them on my own Instagram, as you know)
However, because she is prac/icing and studying very enthusiastically,
She has no time to reply to them.

Even if she did not reply, it is not because she did not like your gift.
She really has no time.
Since the ice rink in Tokyo is not many compared with the western area of Japan,
She practices with multiple ice rinks.

Travel time deprives her of her free time.
She sleeps and studies in cars and trains.
Furthermore, she will challenge studying at the university from now on.
Please do not be sad if she does not respond.
Instead of directly replying,

She sends lots of messages to you in performance on the ice.
You should be able to understand those messages,
Because you are a big fan of Wakaba!!


That is how to send a fan letter to Wakaba.

Thank you for reading too much long explain.
If you have any other questions, please reply to Twitter.
(If you do not want to be known to others, DM is also possible)
This article is an honor if it becomes a hint for you to support Wakaba.



Written by one of WHFans Staffs

2019/03/12 Updated.

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